Core Values


To be the backbone of business partners by providing value-added managed print, document and workflow solutions and services nationwide; while caring, empowering, and fostering growth & development for its employees.


  • To continuously provide technological advancements and other cutting edge products and solutions, transcending business partners’ processes and needs to adapt to the new work environment.
  • To provide and promote products and solutions that are competitive, reliable, and adaptable to the new norm.
  • To provide equal employment opportunities to qualified people; fair treatment and growth opportunities to all employees and promoting Filipino work virtues


Living and working together for the common good; exhibiting

  • Dedication
  • Empathy
  • Loyalty
  • Sincerity
  • Accountability
  • Nurturing positivity and encouraging others to do the same

Code of Ethics

Own the problem

As a Delsan employee, I take full responsibility on the present problems and challenges no matter how little they may be. I will make an initiative to solve it or be of valuable help to my colleagues in doing so.

In order to be # 1, I must be # 3

If I can rank myself from 1 to 3, with the number 1 being the highest mark, where should I be? In order to be Number 1, I must be number 3.

First is God, whatever religion I have. Second are my fellowmen, our customers, our company, community, and country. Therefore, I will only be number 3.

It is not always about myself but always about helping others to the best of my abilities. I must be able to take an idea to action with passion and persistence. Continue learning from others, improve on them if I can and use this knowledge to help and share with others.

The clearest sky is through the customer’s eyes

It’s only by putting ourselves into our customers’ shoes can we understand their point of views. We focus on their dilemmas, not just our quotas; facilitate their buying process, not our sales process.

We build and maintain our strong relationships with our clients by having a deeper understanding of what they need and aspire. We do not offer products; we offer value-added solutions that will push their businesses closer to their goals.

Collaboration is the best foundation

At Delsan, we all collaborate and communicate to fulfill our promise in delivering only the most valuable solutions and services to our clients. We believe that the greatest results spring from a balanced mix of different talents, experiences, and viewpoints. Our synergy allows each of us to realize our full potential, grow with the other members, and work positively towards a unified company vision, thus continuously strengthening the organization.